Getting Your Patients The Benefits They’ve Earned

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In the last decade of marketing Dental Implants, the #1 question has always been
‘Do you accept insurance?’

NOW comes the Answer Patients Want and a cost effective way to deliver high quality service while growing your Implant practice.

All without interrupting the office structure!

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Best Way To Pay For Dental Implants


Use Insurance Patient Already Paid For
If Dental Implants are part of your practice, then you know the overriding concern is how to pay for the treatment.

Finance Companies have tight credit restrictions so that patients who can finance usually need very high FICO scores and virtually all need to have the liquid assets to guarantee their loans. These Companies also charge the patient high interest rates and you, the Doctor, additional fees. Dentists are being required to give medical denials/EOB’s to dental carriers to get paid for certain services. Why not use funds your patient already paid for towards their treatment?


But now there is a better way… using the patient’s own Medical Insurance, a benefit they have already paid for to contribute to your overall charges. Yes, Medical Insurance, in some cases, can provide funds toward the patient’s cost of your Dental Implant treatment. Why leave the patient’s own money on the table?

NOW INTRODUCING … DENTAL MEDICAL BILLINGmedical insurance claim form approved

This innovative concept for dentists affords your patients the opportunity and the service to get dental implant treatment with medical insurance funds they’ve already paid for. Our team focuses only on medical claims for Dental Implant and other Medical related Dental procedures.

Although many say they can teach you how to do this, our professional team at Dental Medical Billers takes the worry out of your hands.

Are you ready to grow your dental Implant practice? Want to Learn More?

Experience Experience Experience


Patient Marketing Specialists takes the billing process out of your office’s hands.

  • File electronically for quicker recovery
  • Our software is HIPAA compliant
  • 40 years of medical and dental billing experience
  • Our team is 100% Focused on Medical Claims for Dental Surgical Procedures
  • Transparency – You approve all submissions
  • No more training sessions and seminars for your staff that are costly and not that effective – we do it all for you
  • One stop shopping – No delays within your office – easy for your office to integrate
  • Can still use additional financing sources to package your case!

So why wouldn’t you want “FREE” money for your patients?

Insurance Billing satisfied customer

One stop shopping – no delays within your office – easy for your office to integrate


  • Dental Offices have not been involved with major surgical procedures like Dental Implants.
  • Most Dental offices are not familiar with medical insurance, don’t know the CPT & ICD codes or how to properly write up and file Dental Implant claims.
  • Most offices do not have the resources for a full time staff to follow up on claims–we do it all for you.
  • Most staff members that handle insurance claims in a Dental Office have other jobs and are not focused on getting money for the patient.
  • Too costly to hire a dedicated insurance billing person.

That’s what Dental Medical Billers effectively does for you.

Medical insurance can be used for dental implants

100% Focused on Medical Claims for Dental Surgical Procedures

As Dental Implant Treatment continues to increase, being able to offer your patients Medical Insurance for their treatment will not only grow your practice but also prevent you from losing patients to other practitioners!

Dental Medical Billers can help you grow your practice.